Solvex HD is a unique, patented environmentally and operator friendly vapor degreasing solvent that originates from the United Kingdom where it is currently being used for high-end precision cleaning in medical, aerospace, electronics and automotive Solvex HD can also be used as a manual cleaner in applications requiring fast to immediate evaporation. Solvex HD is the lowest cost fluorinated vapor degreasing solvent available.
SOLVEX HD is blend of fluorinated solvents combined with a strong degreasing solvent that give it the strength to remove stubborn residues but still be compatible with most substrates.

SOLVEX HD can be used in existing vapor degreasing equipment with simple adjustments to temperature settings and optimization of process times.

SOLVEX HD can remove Adhesives, Flux, Solder Pastes, Ink, Buffing Compounds, Drawing Oil, Grease, Hydraulic Oil, Cutting Oil, Lapping Compounds, Silicone Oils, Particulate, Resins, Wax, Coolants, and other residues from Electronics, Metal and Glass. Solvex HD is also compatible with many types of plastics and elastomers.

SOLVEX HD replaces expensive vapor degreasing solvents such as Vertrel HFCs and Novec HFEs. Solvex HD is a very safe product so it is a great replacement for trichloroethylene (TCE), perchloroethyelene (PERC), and n-propyl-bromide (nPB).

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