SAMSOL SITREX: Citrus-based solvent for precision cleaning. Samsol Sitrex solvent is suitable for removing a wide variety of soils in immersion or hand-wipe cleaning applications from all types of metal surfaces as well as electronics defluxing. The product will evaporate completely thus, no water rinse is required. Samsol Sitrex will remove adhesives, acrylic conformal coatings, oil, wax, grease, buffing compounds, flux residues, solder paste, asphalt, coolants, metal working fluids, mould release, silicone, tape residue and many other residues. Samsol Sitrex is an excellent alternative to isopropyl alcohol (IPA), acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), mineral spirits and other low-flash-point flammable materials. In comparison to these solvents, Samsol Sitrex cleaner provides better cleaning performance, increased safety, less solvent consumption, and lower VOC emissions.

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