This versatile product can be used in all spray-in-air cleaning equipment or in immersion ultrasonic cleaning equipment.  This is a low foaming product when sprayed in air.  This product was formulated to easily remove lead-free no-clean flux, high temperature flux, rosin based flux, and water soluble flux.  The product contains proprietary buffers that keep solder joints bright and shiny.

BannerClean EC aqueous defluxer is a new, aqueous cleaning product for circuit board assembly and electronic component cleaning for general electronics and critical electronics such as avionics. This product quickly removes many types of no clean, lead-free and rosin solder flux residues after normal and high temperature soldering operations.

BannerClean EC aqueous defluxer is a concentrated mixture of water-dilutable solvents with a proprietary additive package for corrosion inhibition and solder brightening. This product has been specially formulated for low foaming when sprayed-in-air. BannerClean EC aqueous defluxer is considered low in toxicity, readily biodegradable and contains no monoethanolamine (MEA), halogens or heavy metals.

BannerClean EC aqueous defluxer cleans a wide range of flux, has high soil loading capacity and is low odour, low foaming, non-halogenated, ROHS compliant, non-flammable in use and non-hazardous for shipping.

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